Affordable Class With the Kia Rio

With the dominance of SUVs in today’s automobile market, it seems like most manufacturers forget that many drivers are looking for a safe, reliable ride that fits with their contemporary lifestyle. That’s where the 2018 Kia Rio comes in. It provides you with the excitement a modern car brings with the unbeatable warranty that Kia is known for, all in a cost-effective package.


Quality and Comfort


With plenty of room for adults in all seats, the Rio offers enough space for even the tallest of passengers. If you’re looking to haul additional cargo, the hatchback model brings a total of 32.8 cubic feet to the table once the seats are laid flat. Plus, 2018 introduces an an even quieter ride with a sound dampening cabin to keep the noise of the road outside while your favorite tunes blast on the upgraded sound system.

Power and Performance


Using a tried-and-true design, all models of the 2018 Rio are powered by Kia’s direct-injected 1.6 liter inline four cylinder engine. Its 130 horsepower is managed by a standard six speed transmission, with a manual option on LX models. You get buttery smooth gear shifting in Sports mode, with the benefit of combined 32 mpg fuel efficiency. If you find yourself enjoying the acceleration a bit too much, the anti-lock braking system with give you the added security of quick and uneventful stops.


Features and Finances


Completely tricked out, the 2018 Rio has a beautiful and responsive 7 inch touch display, utilizing both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto to their fullest. Aluminum wheels and a six-speaker sound system will ensure you’re at the top of your game cruising the streets. Most importantly, this all comes in an affordable package that will get you on the road without leaving a serious dent in your wallet.


At Scarboro Kia, you’ll drive off the lot satisfied you’ve got the best sedan or hatchback in its class.

If you’re looking for the car to get you where you want to go in affordable style, look no further than the 2018 Kia Rio.