Why the 2018 Kia Sedona Is an Excellent Family Vehicle

If you’re searching for the ultimate transportation choice for your household, the 2018 Kia Sedona is a solid pick. This spacious van seats up to eight people after you remove the middle section of the second row. It’s even possible to opt for luxurious seating that gives passengers perks like adjustable armrests and retractable footrests. However, those comfortable amenities are just the beginning.

A Pleasing Assortment of Thoughtful Features

When you take the 2018 Kia Sedona for a test drive at Scarboro Kia, it’ll be clear this is a van made with you in mind. For example, the front mirror lets you see passengers in the back without turning your head. An available glove box with a built-in cooling feature is roomy enough for several soda cans, giving you easy access to chilled refreshments on the go.

The van’s doors are also designed to avoid pinching passenger’s fingers when you close them. Optional integrated sensors can tell if there’s something in the way and won’t move until the area is clear. You also have four different ways to activate the doors, including a button on your key fob.

Scarboro Kia Lets You Buy With Less Stress

At Scarboro Kia, we know life can often be hectic. From driving your teenager to hockey practice and taking your preschooler to a ballet class, you probably have a busy schedule that can get overwhelming. Our establishment operates by what we call the Five Principles of Awesomeness. They’ll reduce your anxiety.

First, we have a low-price guarantee, so you won’t pay less for your 2018 Kia Sedona elsewhere. Also, our sales team delivers no-pressure sales presentations. We fully disclose our pricing too, which means there are no hidden fees.

Plus, thanks to our 24-hour, no-risk cancellation policy, you won’t ever have buyer’s remorse. Finally, our easy-to-use website allows for getting informed at your convenience. Visit us soon.

We look forward to meeting you.