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Introducing Tires for Life by Scarboro Kia

We have worked very hard to bring our customers our New Tires For Life Program. Provided FREE of charge with every vehicle purchased from here on out.

In order to take advantage of Tires for Life as well as maintain and extend the life of your vehicle, you must maintain your vehicle at Scarboro Kia's Service Department as per the recommendations made by your Service Advisor on your first Service Visit or Orientation.

You will then qualify for the replacement of your Factory Installed Tires every time they need to be replaced (Approx. Every 72,000 KM for most vehicles), for the Life Time of Your Vehicle

1. Buy Your New Kia at SCARBORO KIA

2. Schedule Your 1st Service Appointment at SCARBORO KIA

3. Follow The ‘Recommended Maintenance Schedule’

▶ Qualify for a Set of Replacement Tires INSTALLED Every 72,000 KM! FREE OF CHARGE 

Tires For Life Dislcaimer: The Tires for Life is provided at No Cost to Customers and is not reflected anywhere in the price of the vehicle at the time of purchase. Tires for Life Program carries no set monetary program. The program has limitations and it is recommended to discuss the details of the program with your Sales Representative, Business Manager, or Service Advisor to ensure you are able to take advantage of the program in the future. It is considered the customer's responsibility to fully understand the obligations of the program. No refunds will be provided due to any circumstances resulting in Scarboro Kia being unable to fulfill the tire replacement for your vehicle. Only available on new Kia Vehicles purchased at Scarboro Kia. Enrollment is automatic upon booking your first service appointment at Scarboro Kia and will apply to all vehicles sold at Scarboro Kia after September 1st, 2018. Dealership will replace, at no cost to the customer, the factory installed tires with the same model or equivalent (in retail value) tires if the customer has completed all recommended services (as per the Scarboro Kia Service Passport), passed 72,000 KM or 72 months since purchase of the vehicle (or a multiple of 72,000 KM or 72 months – i.e. Vehicles at 144,000 KM or 144 months would qualify for a 2nd replacement), and the tires must have been worn to 3/32 of an inch or less due to normal wear or be determined to be in need of replacement by a Scarboro Kia Technician. Scarboro Kia reserves the right to provide equivalent tires if factory tire models are discontinued or unavailable. Tires damaged due to road hazards, misalignment, or abnormal wear are not eligible for early replacement. This program is not a Tire Warranty. A Tire and Road Hazard Warranty can be purchased from Scarboro Kia for an additional cost. All recommended vehicle maintenance as listed on the Scarboro Kia Service Passport must be complete at Scarboro Kia and recorded within the Passport as being completed by an Authorized Service Advisor at Scarboro Kia. Tires for Life program is nontransferable upon resale. Tires for Life may be transferable upon gifting of the vehicle with prior authorization from the General Manager at Scarboro Kia. Valid on Replacement of Factory Installed Tires only; After Market, Upgraded or Altered Tires, & Winter Tires are not replaced as part of this program. Used tires must be returned to Scarboro Kia to receive replacement tires. When a vehicle qualifies for a Tires for Life replacement Scarboro Kia covers the cost of the tires, installation, and balancing. Alignment after installation of new tires is always recommended & available at an additional cost. Failure to meet any of the above-mentioned requirements with automatically disqualify you from the benefits of the Tires for Life Program

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